EUKN (European Urban Knowledge Network) is  a network of national governments and knowledge institutes involved in EU policy making, with a vision to inspire decision makers to innovate urban living.

I contributed (from page 28 to 31) towards an extensive publication on the Civic Economy. Much of it was a joint effort along with other members of the OuiShare community. You can find the entire piece in the following link:



“El Faro de Ceuta” – I contribute with a weekly column in Spanish language for a local newspaper (in printed and digital versions) based in the city of Ceuta (Spain)




OuiShare Magazine



OuiShare is a leading global global community, think and do tank, aiming to nuture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness openness and trust. The OuiShare online magazine is full of inspiring, detailed and high quality contents on different associated fields.



Part of one of the blogs from the leading Spanish media company, Alterconsumismo a space where alternative, fairer and more sustainable consumption models are exposed and promoted.




Founded by Albert Cañigueral in 2011, Consumo Colaborativo is the leading blog in Spanish language about the collaborative economy.

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