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Kunal Chabaldas  –  @KChabaldas

Being a person with Indian roots born & brought up in a Spanish town at the tip of Africa and having lived abroad for many years, I definitely enjoy experiencing new cultures and meeting different people. Some of the things I’m enthusiastic about include travel, nature, food, sports, creativity, entrepreneurship and startups. I found out about collaborative consumption by chance but this whole movement has become one of my greatest passions, so I’m looking to get increasingly involved in it by using this blog as a starting point.

I truly believe that the power of the internet combined with meaningful human connections have the potential to build trust and change the world that we live in. I am also really grateful for the positive response from some of the creators of the Global Ouishare community, since my first blog post back in 2012.

You can find me at: Google+, Twitter and Facebook

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Photo by the courtesy of Pepe Gutiérrez