It’s perhaps much more simple that what people think

By Kunal Chabaldas – @KChabaldas – #YourTurnChallenge – #day7

I’m writing again after quite some time. Actually I kept up with the first 5 days of the challenge but didn’t manage to keep up the pace. Day 6 was already late and this one was pending from quite some time. Why? Probably due to the typical reasons of the challenge hype fading away, mere excuses for not finding the time to write and already having lack of sleep for too many nights in a row.

However I have already made some important progress thanks to this challenge. I have strengthened some bonds in town aiming to start getting some projects moving and have committed to a weekly column on a local newspaper at the same time, which has already been moving with great response. I have even attended a national forum about p2ptravel and regional tourism that is highly linked to one of my projects in mind.

I like to complete the actions that I commit to and delaying this final post so much perhaps hasn’t done good to me. I wasn’t comfortable when delaying this seventh and (for now) final post of this challenge, even though it was already serving me to open some doors to further projects. But I am taking a positive view out of the whole process and I like to think that this challenge has served me as a kind of therapy, showing me that if I truly commit to the goals and new projects that are on my mind and put the effort in, it’s always possible to achieve them.

To close this chapter I would like to share a motivational video by Will Smith, my favourite actor as a kid. Here he highlights the astonishing power of ideas, thoughts and the human mind combined with high work ethics to achieve personal goals and dreams. These are his motivational keys to success.


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